What went wrong with Quibi

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post claiming that Quibi — the smartphone-centric streaming service meant for the in-between moments of everyday — would be a smash hit, despite what was then the early stages of coronavirus in America. Not maybe a month after that post, I started to eat my words and wish I had been more critical. Quibi has seen only 72,000 initial users stay on board after the close of … Read MoreWhat went wrong with Quibi

I am excited to announce

I’ve come to find there is an expectation around graduation season to take the opportunity to declare something about your future. There is something incredibly fulfilling about notifying friends, family, and the other 100+ followers on your social feed you’ve met once or vaguely know the name of that you have found the title of your next chapter. And that totally makes sense.  As I anticipated even before this pandemic, I knew my passions and … Read MoreI am excited to announce

God, I hope I get it. I hope I get it.

One of the first musicals I ever fell in love with was A Chorus Line. A story about 17 dancers auditioning for a spot in the chore for a Broadway show in the 1970s, the musical serves almost as a mockumentary of what it’s like to be an aspiring dancer. The cast of characters is full of different backgrounds and stories – some who got boob jobs to suppress their lack of self-esteem, some who … Read MoreGod, I hope I get it. I hope I get it.

Why you’re going to end up subscribing to Quibi

If you had asked me just two months ago about the prospects of a new streaming service, chances are I would think your money could be better spent somewhere else.  We live in a new saturated market of streaming where every entertainment entity wants to upload their content for the masses at a monthly cost. With Netflix serving as the father model, Disney +, Amazon Video, Hulu and the upcoming HBO Max and Peacock are … Read MoreWhy you’re going to end up subscribing to Quibi

Vienna waits for us

My room is covered with photographs. All taken within the past two or so years, each wall is dedicated to a different time in my life.  The pegboard to the right of my bed is jam-packed with scenes from abroad in London, Hallstatt, and Paris. The wall to the left above some storage space is covered in Prague, Salzburg and western England. The corner above my dresser is dedicated to my summer in Washington, D.C. … Read MoreVienna waits for us