Major League Communications

For my capstone course for my public relations major, I worked with a team of four other students as part of FOX Sport’s “FOX Sports University” initiative: a program that prepares future communicators and gives them hands-on campaign and brand development experience. Throughout the semester, my team (Major League Communications) and I worked to develop a campaign for Major League Baseball as they prepared for what would have been the season’s All Star Game in Los Angeles*.

Recognizing the trend in professional athletics to educate and engage audiences on the importance of leading sustainable lifestyles, my class was tasked with “developing an over-arching messaging strategy for on-air, social and digital media that FOX Sports and MLB can utilize to enhance their existing partnership and raise awareness for joint sustainability efforts.”

Conducting our own research, my team came up with a variety of strategies and tactics to make “greener fans” an attainable goal for MLB. Out of seven other presentations, Major League Communications was chosen as the winning campaign that would be consulted and used for the 2020 All Star Game.

*Due to the unprecedented COVID-19, the 2020 All Star Game in L.A. was cancelled.