Vienna waits for us

My room is covered with photographs. All taken within the past two or so years, each wall is dedicated to a different time in my life.  The pegboard to the right of my bed is jam-packed with scenes from abroad in London, Hallstatt, and Paris. The wall to the left above some storage space is covered in Prague, Salzburg and western England. The corner above my dresser is dedicated to my summer in Washington, D.C. … Read MoreVienna waits for us

I stepped in sh*t, but I guess I’ll run

Sometimes I really wonder where I’ve derived a compulsivity to be so fiercely independent. While my friends were planning spring break vacations to beaches and resorts in January, I was taking the time to think about my time (a common theme I’ve adapted this semester). Through that thinking, I came to the decision that I wasn’t really about beaches and bars for my senior spring break. I wanted to take on something new; I love … Read MoreI stepped in sh*t, but I guess I’ll run