What went wrong with Quibi

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post claiming that Quibi — the smartphone-centric streaming service meant for the in-between moments of everyday — would be a smash hit, despite what was then the early stages of coronavirus in America. Not maybe a month after that post, I started to eat my words and wish I had been more critical. Quibi has seen only 72,000 initial users stay on board after the close of … Read MoreWhat went wrong with Quibi

Why you’re going to end up subscribing to Quibi

If you had asked me just two months ago about the prospects of a new streaming service, chances are I would think your money could be better spent somewhere else.  We live in a new saturated market of streaming where every entertainment entity wants to upload their content for the masses at a monthly cost. With Netflix serving as the father model, Disney +, Amazon Video, Hulu and the upcoming HBO Max and Peacock are … Read MoreWhy you’re going to end up subscribing to Quibi