5 Instagram accounts you should be following if you love movies

A lot of people ask me how I always know a lot about movies. While I’ve watched over 500 films according to my Letterboxd app (I’m really wanting to reach 1,000 by 2023), I owe a lot of my entertainment knowledge to social media–especially Instagram.

If you’re looking to be more in-the-know, learn useless trivia, or appreciate some great work in film, you need to follow these five Instagram accounts ASAP. 

Cinema Magic

This account is a must for anyone needing a 20-30 second break from their daily social feeds. Sharing iconic scenes from anything ranging from emotional 90s dramas to recent classics, Cinema Magic serves as a great tease for movies you’ve never gotten the chance to see or remind you to rewatch your favorites. Including recent trailers for upcoming releases and pop culture news, this account will keep you up to date while making you smile.

For U Cinema

I stumbled along this account when on my Explore page (usually a dangerous trap) and have found it so useful beyond appreciating movies. Created by Axel Dworzak, an Argentinian student filmmaker who runs a blog of the same name, this account is very similar to Cinema Magic in that you can get clips of various movie scenes and actors, but since all captions are not in English, it’s unintentionally help me improve on my Spanish skills that I thought I left back freshman year. I’ve found that this blogger is especially great at editing different scenes in side-by-side fashion that give some stories a whole new feel. Definitely worth your time. (side note: Marvin Movie is also a great alternative to this page and I’ve even found they steal from one another sometimes, so take your pick!)

Color Palette Cinema

From the same creator who runs Cinema Magic, Color Palette Cinema is probably my favorite on this list. Emphasizing the efforts in cinematography, this account takes stills from countless movies and pleasantly extracts various colors in the frame to create gorgeous compositions. As someone who also likes to dabble in visual art, this account has inspired various projects on my end to spice-up my room and has even encouraged me to play around in my closet when it comes to creating new color combinations. Follow this. Please.    

Rotten Tomatoes

For those looking to have the most current stats on movies in theaters, this is a great account to stay on top of things. I’ve been following this account a little over five months now and although they post *a lot*, it is probably the account I owe most of my current movie-knowledge to. Especially during award season, this account is super helpful in staying on track with who is scoring what awards and where (side note: Parasite was the most nominated and most winning film this season with over 127 awards). 


For those who love words and the writing of movies, this account will inform and delight. Catering mostly to recent film successes, Screenplayed scrolls through the original script of a movie scene while the final product plays above –kind of like karaoke, but for film. I’ve found this account especially interesting if you’re interested in studying actors as you can see in the posts how much an actor will change, add, or ignore what was originally intended for the screen. I highly recommend this account for aspiring performers looking for tips on how to find a character in a scene, or just those who appreciate great screenwriters. 

If you take the time to follow these accounts you will either A) thank me for enriching your life with culture or B) wish you never listened to me because now all you will want to do is avoid your responsibilities to watch some great films. I’ll take either as a compliment. Happy learning!

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