Red hair.
Red lips.
Red shoes.

A lot of people ask me why I’ve made this “my” color. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a person of drive and spunk. From directing productions on the school playground to connecting producers to young filmmakers, I’ve never been afraid to put myself out there and make things happen. 

Just like the color red, I’m bold and intentional. Naturally,  I gravitate toward what oozes this shame shade: entertainment. From stage to screen, artists challenge themselves to tell stories in exciting, different and courageous ways. They bleed bright-red, and I want to help them continue to do so. My talents in relationship-building and branding are a way I can tell the stories of storytellers and get people excited about what I’m excited about.

Now, I’ve been excited about industry shifts in entertainment and examining the realities of  how the world chooses  to consume content. As a PR assistant at Fabric Media, I’ve begun to work closely with entertainment and ad-tech companies who are making waves into this new era of media.