Using my talents in Adobe software, social media, and web development, I’ve grown a great love for visual communication. Whether for professional or personal use, I always like to push myself to create something great.



Learning the basics of web development, I coded this responsive sample site from scratch based off Adobe XD mockups using HTML-5 and CSS techniques.

Design & XD

On assignment for an interactive media course, I designed this mockup in Adobe XD for a website dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

JavaScript & UX

As a final project, I used all my skills in web design and development to create a mock Disney + launch site. Majority of materials used are credited to Disney and are strictly used for educational purposes only.


Through my past internships at Durham Performing Arts Center and the London Film Academy, I’ve crafted dozens of posts for advertising purposes. Mostly using Instagram and Adobe Spark, I’ve been able to help brands create cohesive materials to communicate with audiences.


Branding of UNC-Chapel Hill

Part of my digital storytelling class, I completed this piece on the Tar Heel-swag store, Johnny T-Shirt on Franklin Street. Here, we learn a little more what it means to be true to your school.

DPAC Promotional Montage

As part of my 2018 summer internship, I  edited footage from upcoming performances to create a promotional montage for Durham Performing Arts Center. Using Adobe Premiere and my iPhone, I brought a vision to life. 

Fall 2018 Study Abroad

Having the chance to travel to four different countries, I made this passion project from a semester abroad with Honors Carolina. I do not own the rights to the music provided.